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Adam Kieffer

Adam Kieffer
TSMO Capital Program Manager

Ohio Department of Transportation
1980 West Broad St Columbus, OH 43223

Email: adam.kieffer@dot.ohio.gov
Office: (614) 466-1913
Cell: (614) 747-2326

Short Bio:  I have been with the State of Ohio for 15 years, 12 with ODOT. I worked in the Division of Construction Management at the Central Test Lab and the Office of Contract Sales where I managed the Contractor Pre-qualification section, Construction Contract Pre-bid/Addenda process and dispute resolution programs. I have been in the Office of Traffic Management for the last two years in the newly created position as Central office TSMO Coordinator, TSMO Capital program manager, head of the planning for Operations sections which includes the Performance Metrics Engineer, Database Analysis and developer, and a GIS Administrator. I also serve as Project Manager for the ATMS replacement and the TSMO Business Case project which develops the TSMO Study Guidebook and Ohio Specific benefit-Cost data for TSMO Countermeasures.

Video: Something You Would not know about me from looking at my bio or resume.