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Benjamin Acimovic

Benjamin Acimovic
HQ DMO Traffic and Field Operations Engineer

Colorado Department of Transportation
2829 West Howard Place Denver, Colorado 80204

Email: benjamin.acimovic@state.co.us
Office: 303-512-5530
Cell: 720-937-2484

Short Bio:  I have been working in the transportation engineering industry for twenty years. Eighteen years has been at CDOT working in materials, roadway design, construction estimating, connected vehicles, engineering management, alternating contracting, and most recently traffic operations. My highest accomplishments were managing the $155 million expansion of the Twin Tunnels near Idaho Springs, Colorado and leading the implementation of the Construction Manager/General Contracting program which has delivered over $1 billion in construction projects since 2009. After performing as a resident engineer for four years, I joined the newly formed Division of Maintenance and Operations as the Field and Traffic Operations Engineer. I always seem to find awesome challenging work at CDOT and love collaborative efforts that improve how projects are delivered. Traffic Operations is relatively new to me but it’s just super fun!

Video: Something You Would not know about me from looking at my bio or resume.