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Christina Strand

Christina Strand
King Area Traffic Engineer

Washington State Department of Transportation
15700 Dayton Ave N Seattle, WA 98133

Email: strandc@wsdot.wa.gov
Office: (206) 440-4414
Cell: (206) 305-3349

Short Bio:  My career at the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) began 14 years ago as an intern in the Traffic Management Center (TMC), which is where my fascination with traffic patterns in the Seattle area began. I am currently working as WSDOT’s Traffic Engineer for King County. With King County being the most populated in Washington State, my job is never boring and there is always something new to tackle. My team works closely with project teams from WSDOT, local jurisdictions and transit agencies to develop roadway designs that follow our design guidelines while providing safe, effective operations for all modes. Generally speaking, highways in King County are usually located in highly built up environments and often with topographic constraints as well. For these reasons, TSMO solutions are often implemented either alongside or instead of adding capacity. Some of these elements include: ramp metering, Automated Traffic Management (ATM), Express Toll Lanes (ETL), peak use shoulder lanes and reversible lanes.

Video: Something You Would not know about me from looking at my bio or resume.