Jacob Whitfield

After graduating from University of Portland in 2017, I joined the Washington State DOT Southwest Region Traffic Office in Vancouver, WA. In my five years with the agency, I have held several positions ranging from an entry-level traffic safety engineer to the region’s traffic signal engineer. In addition to operating more than 120 traffic signals in Southwest Washington, my roles include developing and implementing operational and safety improvements, reviewing regional plans and analysis for new and reconstructed signalized intersections, providing expert knowledge to the Region Traffic Engineer, and collaborating with partner agencies on signal and ITS-related projects.

Through the years, I have been involved in the implementation of active traffic management on Interstate 5, installation of seven new ramp meters along urban freeways, and helping establish region-wide automated traffic signal performance measures. I supervise two employees and oversee the traffic signal program, including the management of the electrical maintenance shop. I am proud to have obtained my PE license in Oregon and Washington State in 2022.

What I love most about my work is the widespread impact I have on the people in my community and across the state. I have had the opportunity to work on several projects both big and small, I face new challenges each and every day, and am part of a passionate, hard-working team. The ability to make a difference in everyday lives is what drives me to grow and excel in the transportation industry.