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Jared Kelly

Jared Kelly
Supervising Transportation Management Center Technician

Rhode Island Department of Transportation
2 Capitol Hill Providence, RI 02903

Email: jared.kelly@dot.ri.gov
Office: (401) 222-2378
Cell: (401) 248-3384

Short Bio:  I’ve been with the Rhode Island DOT for 15 years, I was hired in 2005. Working in the transportation industry can be very interesting. I started out fixing highway signs (exit signs, stop signs, speed limit signs, etc). I did that for just over 3 years. While working on the highway I found that you need to respect the roadway and always be aware of what is going on around you. Life can change in an instant when vehicles are speeding by you. In 2008, I transferred to the RIDOT’s Transportation Management Center (TMC) to become a communications systems operator. I would monitor the highways for any crashes, disabled vehicles, debris, and much more. Any incident or issue that occurs is documented in one of our several programs. I would notify one of our many state facilities of any issue that may be occurring in their area. In the TMC we work along side a RI state trooper, which can be very helpful for both of us when communicating with their barracks about issues on state maintained roadways. In 2018 I was hired to become the supervisor for the TMC. With this position I have several operators which I am responsible for. I’ll assist the manager of the TMC  if he asks for any reports or issues that he may have. Becoming the supervisor has been interesting and I’ll always be learning. You never know what the day will bring.

Video: Something You Would not know about me from looking at my bio or resume.