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Jose Atencio

Jose Atencio
Intelligent Transportation Systems Management Analyst

New Mexico Department of Transportation
9613 Morrow Ave NE Albuquerque, NM 87112

Email: Jose.atencio@state.nm.us
Office: (505) 222-6557
Cell: (505) 385-8572

I joined the New Mexico Department of Transportation Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Bureau in January 2020. During my time with the bureau, I have really enjoyed learning about our role in improving transportation safety and mobility through the use of advanced communication technologies and data collection techniques. I have been fortunate to wear many hats in the department from assisting on future infrastructure expansion projects to working with our field technicians on repair and maintenance of current assets.   I previously worked in pharmaceutical research but I have thoroughly enjoyed the change in industry and feel as though my talents will be further developed working in the bureau.

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