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Josh Brown

Joshua Brown
Program Monitor 2

Tennessee Department of Transportation
Traffic Operations Division James K. Polk Building, 18th Floor 505 Deadrick Street, Nashville, TN 37243

Email: joshua.brown@tn.gov
Office: (615) 253-4541
Cell: (615) 924-0360

I started my work as a public servant in 2002 as a local law enforcement officer in rural Tennessee. I joined the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) as a State Trooper in 2005 and served in many different capacities during my tenure years with them. Some of the divisions I was a part of at THP included: the Office of Research, Planning and Development; State Honor Guard; Nashville District Headquarters; Nashville Dispatch Center; and the THP Training Center. During my time at THP, I developed great working relationships with some of the people at TDOT, specifically through our efforts on how to best utilize officers in active work zones. This eventually led to an opportunity for me to join TDOT’s team in 2019, as part of the Traffic Operations Division. Three of the major items I am currently a part of within our office are the SmartWay Central Software project, which is a new software for the state’s Traffic Management Centers, the development of a statewide training program for our HELP Program (TDOT’s safety service patrol); and I’m a part of the Inter-Agency Work Zone Working Group that includes TDOT, the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, and the TN Roadbuilder’s Association.

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