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Justin Hatch

Justin Hatch
District Traffic Engineer

Georgia Department of Transportation
5025 New Peachtree Rd Chamblee, Georgia 30341

Email: juhatch@dot.ga.gov
Office: (770) 216-3989
Cell: (404) 858-0459

I have worked in the transportation industry as a traffic engineer for 9 years; all my professional experience has been with the Georgia Department of Transportation.  I spent 5 years working primarily with traffic signals, and the rest of my experience has been at field districts with a broad focus on traffic operations and safety.  My job has always been fast paced and challenging, and I have been humbled by the opportunity to take on a leadership role early in my career.  While working in our State Traffic Office, I assisted the Department in rolling out new traffic signal control software, timing metrics, and communication equipment.  Now, I enjoy the challenge of leading the District Traffic Operations section in its goals to continually improve the operations and safety of the State Routes in 6 metro-Atlanta Counties.  Within the district, I currently oversee our team’s efforts to produce traffic studies, review project designs, respond to public requests, and manage access to our roadways.

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