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Pam Vasudeva

Pam Vasudeva
TSMO Development Engineer

Washington Department of Transportation
2901 3rd Avenue #500 Seattle, Washington 98121

Email: vasudep@wsdot.wa.gov
Office: (206) 584-7301
Cell: (206) 584-7301

I am the acting Statewide TSMO Traffic Engineer at WSDOT. In my current role I am responsible for developing the state’s TSMO program plan that supports WSDOT’s multimodal network and addresses the needs of both urban and rural parts of the state. I have been in the transportation industry for over 15 years in Washington and California, in both the private and public sectors. My responsibilities have included policy development, long-term planning, and the early design phase of project implementation. Throughout my career I have been committed to solutions that improve the operations and efficiency of multimodal transportation systems. My overarching goal has and continues to be to provide safe, reliable, and resource-efficient options for those that walk, bike, take transit and use trip alternatives such as telework.

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