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Scott Benedict

Scott Benedict
Senior Traffic Control Specialist

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
1310 Elmerton Ave Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110

Email: scbenedict@pa.gov
Office: (717) 787-1374
Cell: (717) 860-0086

I was hired by PennDOT in February of 2021, after serving the Department in various roles as a consultant for over 15 years. I work in our Systems and Performance Unit as a Senior Traffic Control Specialist. My primary responsibilities are as the project manager for the 511PA traveler information program and for our TMSO Performance Program. I have been involved with both of these programs since their very beginning in my role as a consultant. I was on the project team for the launch of 511PA in 2009, and I helped to lead the development of the TSMO Performance Program in 2017, which led to the release of our first TSMO Performance Report in February 2018. I am very excited to be able to have leadership over both of these programs into the

I come from an IT background, holding a BA in Computer Science from Messiah University, so I enjoy having the opportunity to utilize data and technology to identify and provide solutions that improve the experience of Pennsylvania travelers. I have been actively involved with The Eastern Transportation Coalition throughout my time with PennDOT, mostly relating to the Traffic Data Marketplace project, and, relatedly, with the Probe Data Analytics Suite.

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