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Zhongren Wang

Zhongren Wang
Chief, Office of Mobility Programs

1120 N. Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Email: zhongren.wang@dot.ca.gov
Office: (916) 869-1604
Cell: (916) 284-8978

I am the Chief in the Office of Mobility Programs at Caltrans. I manage multiple statewide mobility programs such as Transportation System Management and Operations (Managed Lane, Ramp Metering and Park and Ride), operational improvement analysis and investigation, and project environmental impact analysis. A registered Civil and Traffic Engineer in California, I have more than 30 years of experience in transportation project development and management, program administration, and academic teaching and research. I serve on multiple TRB standing Committees including Geometric Design, Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics, and Pavement Management. I have published more than 30 journal papers in various refereed journals and am now an associate editor of the International Journal on Transportation Science and Technology. I graduated from the University of Tennessee, National University of Singapore, and Tongji University, China.

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