See DRAFT AGENDA for the 2022 Hybrid Operations Academy Program to be held in September/October 2022.

Note: The draft agenda is subject to change; it is only an initial draft. The dates won’t change but who presents on which days could change.


Important Note:

The 2022 Operations Academy will be offered as a Hybrid event so we will meet both virtually and in-person. Virtual and in-person dates are shown below.

View the 2022 DRAFT AGENDA.

Virtual Days:
Sept 21, 2022, Day 1
Sept 28, 2022, Day 2
Oct 5, 2022, Day 3
Oct 6, 2022, Day 4
Oct 12, 2022, Day 5
Oct 13, 2022, Day 6

Oct 17-21, 2022


Special Note about COVID 19 and the 2022 Operations Academy Program.

The 2022 Operations Academy™ Senior Management Program will be a HYBRID offering with half of the program being offered via Zoom and the other half in-person.  If COVID spikes again later this year, we will make a decision if the in-person program needs to move to a Zoom session instead.  Any requirements for masks or social distancing for the in-person portion will be based on State of Maryland Health and Safety Guidelines at the time of the in-person program in October 2022.  Participants are always welcome to wear masks if they desire regardless of any health and safety requirements in place at the time.