Feedback October 2017


“The Operations Academy has provided timely and complete exposure the full array of transportation operations strategies along with current and emerging transportation data and information technology. Coupled with the knowledge exchanged among fellow attendees, I expect the academy to be a great launching pad for trying out new strategies.” Hugh Conroy


“I would recommend this program not only to people within the TSM&O world, but also to others outside of it. As an employee with a predominant background in roadway construction and maintenance, the Academy opened my eyes to the importance of TSM&O as an alternate solution to achieving our goals.” Rudy Garcia

“Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) concepts provide the tools necessary to advance safety, mobility and reliability in transportation operations. However, a lack of understanding of how all the parts and concepts work in concert with each other routinely leads to ineffective programs. The Operations Academy provides the opportunity to become fully immersed in TSMO strategies and concepts, while also facilitating an unbelievable networking opportunity with other transportation professionals from around the country. Through the interactive discussions with subject matter experts, group workshops with fellow students, and excellent field experiences you gain a complete understanding of how all the parts come together to build a sustainable TSMO program. I would highly recommend the Operations Academy to anyone responsible for leading and advancing TSMO activities within their organization.” Christopher (Chris) Engelbrecht

“The National Operations Academy is an amazing program that immerses you completely in the TSM&O mindset so that you come away with a complete understanding of TSM&O and the opportunities it offers to any agency, regardless of size or previous experience with TSM&O. I would highly encourage anyone with an interest in moving their agency forward to learn more about the academy and have members from all levels of their agency attend.” David Lucas

“The Operations Academy has been an essential part of my education and growth with learning the what and why of TSMO. This will be valuable to our agency as we continue to grow and expand the knowledge of our program. Yes I will recommend others from our agency attend this program.” Donna Matulac

“Attending the Operations Academy has increased my understanding TSMO and has provided me with tools to go and make an immediate impact on within my State. Building relationships with colleagues from other states will be a valuable resource. For that purpose alone, I would strongly encourage others my State to attend in the future.” Eric Nichol

“The Operations Academy made me a better leader for my organization. The curriculum is spot on for todays and tomorrows transportation challenges. Operations Academy should be required training for all leaders of their respective states DOT’s.” Thomas D. Corey

“The Operations Academy is a comprehensive two week program that furthered my understanding of TSM&O. Even now, I know this program will be one of the highlights of my professional career.” John MacAdam

“I came to the Operations Academy with minimal expectations. However, after two weeks, I learn the level of important of the TSM&O. The academy gave me a different perspective as far as performance measures, collaboration and especially the method to present the data to the upper management and the traveling public. It is critical to have the accurate data to build the business case in order to ask the management as well as the tax payers for the funds to build the projects. Thank you so much for the dedication and commitment to provide knowledge to the traffic engineers and TSM&O staff around the nation.” Long Nguyen

“A safe and efficient transportation system is vital to our national prosperity, and modernizing it to meet our 21st century demands has become our most significant mobility challenge. The Operations Academy has answered this challenge by providing an interactive educational forum where transportation professionals can develop advanced skills, and champion efforts to realize the future. One of the things I am grateful to the Academy for is the opportunity to coordinate with an esteemed body of transportation professionals. Coupled with a strong framework for effecting positive change, I return to my agency with a number of new concepts and techniques to bring disparate TSMO efforts together. I would definitely recommend the program to others, and would suggest expanding the program to match differing levels of expertise and location. Job well done, thank you.”  James (Jim) Haggerty

“I learned the value of building collaboration with internal and external groups and how to break down barriers to benefit those we serve.” Scott Knudtson

“The Journey of TSMO is the shift in thinking, managing, and Operating of Transportation Agencies.” Charles H. Tenbrook, III

“The Operations Academy facilitated the mutual exchange of practices and experiences with others from diverse backgrounds and will be greatly beneficial to me as a Traffic Management Center Manager. I have developed a network of national resources, including the instructors and other classmates in the program. I intend to utilize the network of peers regularly in the future to continue developing my knowledge of traffic operations. The wisdom and experiences that I learned from others is priceless.” Kathryn Power

“The Ops Academy is preparing leaders to take TSM&O and their agencies to the top.” Stephen Knapp

“The Ops Academy is a valuable resource to learn from experts in and around the field of TSMO. Perhaps even more valuable is the time spent learning from colleagues around the country and finding ideas and solutions that can be applied in my state.” Alexander (Alex) Wassman

“Normally interactions between the law enforcement community and the engineering community are extremely rare, but after going through this Academy, it definitely showed the importance of both areas coming together and collaborating both sides point of views.” Colin J. Bristow

“Collaboration with other agencies at the Operations Academy is invaluable.” Cory Greene

“I gained a more complete and well-rounded understanding of TSMO, how it improves life for our customers, and how I can help implement TSMO within my organization.” Francis M. (Mike) Kress

“In the OPS Academy I learned that TSM&O is not just a State program, rather a national movement. I got a full understanding of our role as an individual State in the larger nationwide vision. I’m excited to see the positive impact that TSM&O will have on transportation in years to come.” Elizabeth Falcon

“On Day 1, you know no one and by Day 10, you’re family. This program is intense, however being immersed into it allows you to network and become successful. Everyone worked together for success. I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking to increase their knowledge in TSM&O.” Sandy Wyrick

“I’d absolutely recommend this program to others. I learned so much in such a short time. I’m eager to get back to my organization and start applying the valuable lessons I’ve learned.” Daniel (Dan) Taylor

“The Operations Academy was the most intense boot camp style training I have ever taken. The TSM&O knowledge that I gained at the Academy will shape my goals at work as a TMC manager and our agency culture. The friendships that we built in these 2 weeks will be a cherished memory and a resource to bounce ideas off that I can rely on for the rest of my career.” Sayuri Koyamatsu

“I would definitely recommend this program. The two week training is intense, but by the end of it I have a better understanding of how connected everything in TSM&O is: there is no way to improve your organization without understanding all of these different elements and how they impact each other and that is the most important thing I have gained from this program.” Katherine (Kate) Shearin

“You will learn something new, guaranteed. Yes, I would recommend the program to others.” Kevin Maxwell

“Prior to this program I envisioned traffic safety strictly on the enforcement side. I now see all of the collaborative relationships that can be formed and utilized to further to goal more effectively.” Cameron Shayne Taylor

“This was a great introductory program to TSMO. It helped me better understand the importance of my job as the Region Traffic and Safety Program Engineer, and how I need to engage with HQ TSMO.” Julie Constan

“I would highly recommend this program to my peers in my organization. Since we do not have a formal TSMO program encouraging others to attend will hopefully give us traction to move forward.” Joseph C. (Joe) Foti