Below is an overview of the subjects that will be covered and discussed during the formal classroom training portion of the program.  This material builds on the contents of the pre-study that must be completed by participants prior to attending the classroom training.  It is supplemented with workshops and field trips intended to reinforce the concepts being presented.

Management and Operations – present and future

  • The Importance and Future of TSMO
  • Automation: A Vision of the Future
  • Smart Cities and Data Analytics

The Ingredients of Management and Operations

  • Advanced Operations Techniques (e.g., Active Traffic Management and Integrated Corridor Management)
  • Managing for Safety (Incident and Emergency Management)
  • Work Zones
  • Mobile Devices and Traveler Information
  • Goods Movement

Performance Measures

  • Performance Measures Management
  • Analysis Tools

Management Concepts

  • Operations Leadership
  • Organizational Assessment: the Capability Maturity Model
  • Communicating the Value of TSMO
  • Program Planning for TSMO
  • Systems Engineering
  • Workforce Development
  • Customer Service
  • Motivating Change