Feedback October 2022


The connections I’ve made will be an invaluable resource for peer review and support.
Adam Perez, Tennessee Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy has equipped me with the tools I need to further champion TSMO strategies within my state.
Alan Farrington, Maine Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy is a forum where professionals can learn about transportation challenges you did not even know you had. It is a safe space where we can learn from each other and forge relationships that will last a lifetime.
Alexandra Lopez, Florida Department of Transportation

Relationships initiated will build for years and provide the most value.
Amy Marino, New Jersey Department of Transportation

I would 100% recommend this program! I came into the program somewhat overwhelmed, feeling as if I wasn’t sure where I fit or as if maybe I didn’t belong here. I’m now leaving with feeling a sense of great accomplishment and pride; taking a way a wealth of knowledge and guidance for the next steps in my job/career in addition to having built amazing relationships and lifelong friendships.
Ashlyn Herman, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy provides an immersive overview of the many facets of TSMO and is a great opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with fellow practitioners with a variety of experience and perspectives.
Ben Kiene, Colorado Department of Transportation

The biggest thing I gained from the Operations Academy is understanding how many other States are dealing with the exact same or similar issues that we are. This makes it much easier to reach out to my peers in other agency’s, knowing that they will have an understanding of what I’m dealing with. I would highly recommend this to anyone of my peers.
Ben Lempke, Georgia Department of Transportation

I would highly recommend Operations Academy to anyone with an interest in ways to improve transportation safety and mobility. It is truly eye-opening what we all face.
Brian Pribyl, Iowa Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy is invaluable to learning and advancing TSMO solutions for our transportation system.
Chris Lukasina, North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planing Organization

The Operations Academy provides students with the tools they need to properly advocate for TSMO within their organizations. I would recommend this program for anyone wishing to be a champion for improved traffic operations.
Cody Stuart, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Amazing professional development opportunity for transportation engineers, planners, and operators. The collaboration, stories, lessons learned, and overall experience were invaluable. I would recommend this program to any passionate transportation official.
Corey O’Connor, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Operations Academy was a valuable experience to develop long lasting relationships with other TSMO professionals.
Courtney Weeter, North Carolina Department of Transportation

This program is an outstanding way to help grow any level position into a manager type thinker, to help break down silos in an agency.
Dan Ertel, State of Vermont

Yes, I would recommend this course to others and will do. There is no “I” in “Team Work”!
Dan Walston, Federal Highway Administration

This program is invaluable for modernizing the way we handle traffic in the US. It gives a common approach to our problems and provides the tools and network of peers to be effective in the solutions.
Doug Warner, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT), University of Maryland

The Operations Academy provided me with a foundation to continue the progress that is being made at MoDOT. I gained insights on what other states are doing with their TSMO initiatives.
Eddie Watkins, Missouri Department of Transportation 

“Excellent Program! It was great to hear from other Transportation Professionals throughout the country on what their stories, challenges, and successes were. I would strongly recommend this program to others.”
Jack Longworth, New Jersey Department of Transportation 

Gained relationships with fellow colleagues from across the country. These individuals have the ability to eliminate obstacles and think creatively about solutions to issues. In addition, we are going through similar issues and can be a support system for one another.
Jessica Felix, Iowa Department of Transportation

I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the TSMO field that is looking for a Program to take your career to the next level. The effort put into the academy is well worth it!
Jim Roman, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

I would recommend the Operations Academy. Meeting peers from other organizations was a worthwhile experience.
Joe Spadaro, Delaware Department of Transportation

Outstanding training and instructors. Exceptional opportunity for networking and will undoubtedly further my career.
JOHN T MONK, Maryland Transportation Authority

Worthwhile program to meet peers across the nation experiencing similar issues.
Jonathan Woodworth, Colorado Department of Transportation 

Marketing – Ops Academy Proud I learned what other agencies are doing. I would 100 percent recommend this program to other in my organization.
Jose Lopez-Rocha, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The opportunity to network with like-minded peers in transportation has provided a great opportunity.
Karthik Murthy, Washington State Department of Transportation

This course is a great opportunity to meet other professionals and learn about what they are doing to solve our common problems.
Mark Harbeson, Delaware Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy program is an industry-leading educational experience that should be a part of every transportation organization’s workforce development program. It provides peer exchange, group collaboration, problem solving and technical presentation skills, and builds within it’s participant’s the courage to go back to work, un-mute and seek positive change.
Matt Balling, New York State Department of Transportation

Yes. This program helps to expand one’s perception of what you think TSMO is vs what in reality it can/does cover
Matt Jagow, CDOT R2 

Operations Academy has done a fantastic job of selecting professionals with various backgrounds and job duties to attend and present at the Academy. It’s a true representation of the invaluable resources we have in our communities and promotes the importance of the partnerships necessary to deliver a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation network.
Melissa Mies, Washington State Department of Transportations

Buzz words and esoteric acronyms might be attractive to engineers, planners and transportation professionals. But our jobs impact people on a daily basis. Remember that we’re not all just data points for a traffic study. We are all connected and through this program, have grown stronger personally and professionally.
Michael Fenley, New York State Department of Transportation

The network you gain at the OPS Academy is worth every penny.
Michael Koski, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

I thoroughly enjoyed being challenged in my thinking by the class assignments and the new network of friends and cohorts I have now! I go back encouraged and equipped to do more in my assignment, my career, and my personal life.
Phillip Day, Alabama Department of Transportation

My Operations Academy experience was terrific, learned as much interacting with classmates as I did from curriculum.
Randy Hoyt, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

I would definitely recommend this program to others! The insight it gives into the inner-workings of other departments within the TSMO and Transportation World is invaluable. You come away from it with a different mindset that will force you and your department to grow.
Rashad Rice, Maryland Department of Transportation

I will be a better transportation professional because of my participation in the Operations Academy Senior Management Program. Learned a lot about what I knew I didn’t know, and learned even more about things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Would highly recommend to others.
Sam Orlan, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

The Ops Academy provided a fantastic network of TSMO professionals and the unique opportunity to better understand the mutual challenges and collaborative opportunities available among fellow TSMO practitioners.
Sheryl Bradley, Metroplan Orlando

I think the program is a good place for people to learn more about what their peers in other areas are doing to really get a sense of the larger TSMO world. I also learned a lot more about communicating.
Steven Cheshko, ADOT

“The Ops Academy taught me so much and advanced my skills as a transportation leader.”
Tania Gorman, Pasco MPO 

I gained valuable knowledge that will help me be better prepared for when a crisis occurs. I have gained new friends in the Transportation network across the country and look forward to continuing to share ideas. I would definitely recommend this academy to other senior transportation professionals.
Thomas Macchione, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Great program.
Treea Sekela, FHWA 

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a terrific group of people at Operations Academy who are tremendously helpful for me as we share our experiences and lessons learnt. It unquestionably altered the way I communicate and think.
Yi Zhao, DDOT