Feedback November 2014


“The Operations Academy was the most intense training I have taken in my career. Statistics show that people forget most of what they learned within four months often returning from a training session because it was not ingrained in them. Not so with the Operations Academy. The knowledge I gained will stay with me for a long time.” Bruce Wacker, Assistant City Traffic Engineer, City of Overland Park

Justification and benefits of a program are supported by the data. The Operations Academy illustrates that the data does not have to be perfect to be valuable. Additionally, large historical data sets are not required. An agency can utilize rolling periods of data for analysis and recommendations until more information is generated. Chris Hilyer, Operations Manager, Alabama Department of Transportation

“1. I hope that all participants took with them that our customer service should be their number one concern. 2. Being at the Maritime Academy is like being on a land locked cruise ship.” Timothy Ms. Scancon, PE, Director of Traffic Engineering and Operations, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

“I have been involved in TSM&O for nearly 10 years and came in with a perception that this course could not provide me with anything valuable. I was thoroughly wrong after completing this course. It provided me with the tools and foundation to take our TSM&O program to new heights!” Peter Vega, District Two TSMO/ITS Program, Manager, Florida Department of Transportation

“Participating in the Academy has increased my knowledge and skills in TSM&O. It creates another source for me to use and network of peers that will improve our efforts to improve transportation efficiency.” Eric Hill, Metro Plan Orlando, Director, System Management and Operations, Metro Plan Orlando

“The multi-discipline backgrounds demonstrates the key players needed to instill quick win projects that are high value to travelers and our DOT. I am looking forward to having more of our team become alumni.” San Lee, Traffic Operations and Policy, Colorado Department of Transportation

“I learned much from the classroom and from others in class. The field study was especially helpful. Will review my organization CMM levels upon return to the office.     The information learned from both the classroom and networking with others have been especially helpful.” John O’Neil, Infrastructure System Manager, Miami-Dade County

“I now feel like I can be a true “champion” of these concepts within my agency.” Tim Keeton, Major, Colorado Department of Public Safety

“The Ops Academy course is a great opportunity to learn about TSM&O as a coordinated strategy to address congestion in the midst of reduced capital funding. I will help me refocus my efforts in my own department to promote TSM&O policies at the headquarters and district level.” Brian Simi., Manager, California Department of Transportation

“The program was a great opportunity to learn about issues and solutions nationally. The relationships built here will be the best take away. I look forward to sharing and implementing many of these take-aways with my department.     Thank you.” Angela Murphy-Adams, Southwest Region Operations Chief, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

“My eyes were opened to the vast amount of options to improve travel reliability.     Customers can help us improve our processes if we allow them to be a part of the solution.” Michael Middleton, District Maintenance Operations Engineer – Springfield Region, Missouri Department of Transportation

“I had little knowledge of the material before I came. I am excited to go back to my DOT and make a difference with TSM&O. I will go from zero to hero. Thanks TSM&O.” Randy Johnson, Transportation Planning Manager, Missouri Department of Transportation