Feedback November 2015


“As a law enforcement officer this was a eye opening experience related to traffic safety and mobility.  Listening to professionals from across the nation provided insight on different best practices. Great networking experience!” Freddy Johnson

“The Operations Academy reinvigorated my interest in TSM&O.  The two weeks spent away from my normal duties allowed me to focus on how I can move my department forward and instill the TSM&O mindset in those I work with.  The connections I made with other attendees will last well beyond the 2 weeks together and will be a great source of information for years to come.”  Ben DeVore

“The friendships made over the two weeks are invaluable.” Jim Turner

“This Academy is a “must attend” for all people involved in any level of management within a TSM&O program in a any capacity.” Daniel Smith

“We graduates are on the cusp of an incredibly exciting time to be a part of traffic management and system operations. The skills and material presented gave me the opportunity to engage in an enlightening, informative and completely relevant way. Our collective TSMO future looks bright, and will be even brighter when there are 500, 1000… Ops Academy graduates.” Lisa Miller

“The material was great.  The relationships built are invaluable.  To meet the people doing things you read about and to ask questions is an experience you can’t get anywhere else.” Jeremy Dilmore

“TSM&O makes the roads our customers use better… (we came up with this as a group).” Umang Patel

“The information provided in this Academy is great for those just beginning in an TSM&O DOT environment and should be used as an orientation.” Willaim Miederhoff

“This is the program you want your youngest and newest senior management attending.” Daniel Hesslein

“TSM&O is gaining ground on being mainstream!” David Nguyen

“This program was very good.  The level of immersion you go through in this two week period is incredible and hard.  So much data gained and information sharing was wonderful.” Mike McVaugh

“The TSM&O process is a great method to keep the traveling public safe and connected.” Reid Kaiser

The Operations Academy is a great opportunity to learn from and network with transportation professionals from across the country. The variety and caliber of participant really accentuates the material. The program provides cross cutting workshops that drive home the principles that are required to succeessfully implement a TSM&O program.” Patrick Allen

“TSM&O must be included in the operation plan of all agencies and/or divisions who have a stake in improving traffic safety and mobility.” Rocco A. Domenico 

“We all think our specific problems are unique, and no one will understand or appreciate what we go through. But that is not true.  Yes, we all work in specific locations, and have situations specific to them, but ALL the problems we have can be broken down to levels that ARE common across the board. Once you recognize that, this is a unique opportunity to work with people that can help with these issues. The class room discussions get the conversations started, they get you thinking about things that you may not have thought about, and then the off line conversations take place and the thought processes really get started!!” C. William Kingsland

“The Operations Academy – a palate cleanser for the engineer who has overdosed on operations.” Glenn Blackwelder

“The Operations Academy is an excellent opportunity to learn more about TSM&O and how to further your agency’s efforts in the field.  Even more importantly than the lecture material is the opportunity to network face to face with similar professionals from all over the country and the lessons learned from those conversations are as valuable if not more so than the materials presented in the lectures.” Cliff Braam

“Judging from the experience,knowledge, and innovative spirits of the participants that I had the pleasure to work with, the future of Traffic Operations and TSM&O is in good hands.” Tom Hallenbeck

“With the key takeaways and new contacts from the Academy, this will help us to create an effective TSM&O program for our region.” Reese Brewer

“The overview of TSM&O and how I can implement it in my organization is extremely valuable but the quality of the people I have met and exchanged information with during this two week period has been priceless.  If I had the members of TEAM 2 working with me back at SHA, TSM&O in Maryland would immediately soar to a much higher level!” Richard R. Dye

“The Operations Academy is a thorough immersion course that prepares executive service professionals to effectively and efficiently design, implement, and manage the TSM&O program.” Marc E. Mandel