Feedback November 2019


The knowledge learned and the relationships built while at the Operations Academy are invaluable and something I will carry with me throughout my career.
Ian Cooper, New Jersey Turnpike Authority

I believe the UMD Operations Academy gave me a strong foundation for developing and managing a world-class TSMO program in my agency.
Alex Laffey, Osceola County

The Operations Academy allowed me the opportunity to learn valuable information on TSMO and develop life-long peer relationships from around the country. The Academy’s program was well worth the time from an otherwise busy schedule. I am leaving with a great amount of information to use in my Agency and career! Thanks!
Chris Flad, Pennsylvania DOT

Don’t go it alone! Teamwork makes the dream work.
Becky Spangle, WSDOT

The Operations Academy provides immersive hands-on insight into state-of-the-art TMSO practices, including presentations by experts and collaboration with nationwide peers from diverse backgrounds. This program provides outstanding professional development opportunities while simultaneously advancing the field of Operations.
Tom Jones, CATT Lab

The Operations Academy is the training I did not know I needed. The concepts covered are important, but the connections made will be something I draw on my entire career.
Justin Belk, Washington State DOT

If you are looking to kickstart, rejuvenate, or advance your career in transportation operations, the Operations Academy is the place for you.
Tyler Laing, Utah DOT

The Operations Academy provides a structured schedule to facilitate pertinent knowledge and experience exchanges among a large group of operations-based transportation experts from across the country.
Daniel Halsted, SCDOT

The connections I’ve made and the knowledge I’ve gained at the Operations Academy will be extremely useful for my job and my career.
Darin Hamelink, MoDOT

Great course! I would recommend this training to anyone wanting to understand the challenges (e.g., congestion, readiness for CAV, etc.) facing our transportation infrastructure and the decisions agencies must consider in order to address this ever growing problem.
Omar Meitin, FDOT

The academy is not for everyone, you need to approach it with the mindset that it’s more than any training exercise you’ve done in the past. This program will force you to look inside yourself as well as your organization to find the hurdles you need to overcome. You will meet people from across the country and get glimpses into how our roadway networks operates as a whole. I came away with a drive to change things and a knowledge on how to approach complicated situations moving forward.
Jeff Van Horn, DelDOT

I found the opportunity to learn from other attendees about successes, challenges, and lessons learned extremely valuable. I have gained a broader understanding of TSMO and how it applies and is being performed within my agency. I have a better idea of how I may be able to influence and inform my co-workers and agency leadership as we work toward TSMO integration at ODOT.
Kate Freitag, Oregon DOT

I gained insights on what other states are doing with their TSMO initiatives and I also developed career long relationships.
Juan Hernandez, NDOT

The networking benefits of the operations academy and learning from other DOTs are really beneficial.
Arisa Prapaisilp, MoDOT

The Operations Academy is an immersive TSMO education program that presents a unique opportunity to network and exchange ideas with peers from all over the nation.
Jason Dicembre, MD DOT SHA

From this immersive experience you too will be able to kick start up a TSMO program even if your agency lacks experience.
Stan Brelin, Montana DOT

I gained a better perspective of the diversity of TSMO progress nationwide, and a better clearer vision of where our TSMO program needs to go.
David Hawkins, Virginia Department of Transportation

The geographic spread of participants is unrivaled. I loved being able to connect with colleagues from all over the US. The ride-along with a peak-performing safety service patrol is eye-opening and useful to take back to my own agency.
Austin Yates, Iowa DOT

The Operations Academy gave me a strong foundation and background in all areas of TSMO, and has provided me with valuable information to bring back to New Jersey. I am better prepared to make decisions that will have a meaningful impact to both our team and the motoring public.
Chris Feinthel, NJDOT

TSMO is a path to a congestion free future and the peer exchange that we had at Operations Academy will prove to be incredibly helpful for all states to succeed in the ultimate goal of moving goods and people from point A to B as safely and efficiently as possible.
Jerome Frederick, PennDOT

The TSMO community is in a great need for a Body of Knowledge resource and a certification program to establish a standard for the practice. Something similar to the PMI, PMP and PMBoK.
Said El Said, Tennessee DOT

My experience at the Operations Academy allowed me the opportunity to network with many like-minded traffic safety professionals from across the country. The contacts I made and the knowledge I gained will be very useful immediately and into the future.
Chris Washburn, Douglas County Sheriff

I highly recommend this program to anyone in the Transportation industry. It was insightful, thought-provoking and highly educational. The cross-section of representatives from all over the country provided a great networking opportunity as well!
Angel L. Rios, Port Authority of NY & NJ

The Operations Academy has been a wonderful experience. It ‘s a once in lifetime opportunity to work with outstanding peers/speakers within the TSMO world. I am grateful for being accepted to participate and have cherished my time. We are always stronger as a team and never forget that the little things often make the greatest changes. I highly recommend this program to others.
Lei Xu, DelDOT

This is an excellent way to interact with people in the traffic management filed. The exchange of ideas can be brought back to my agency and put to use.
Billy Clough, MdTransportation Authority

The Operations Academy gave me the opportunity to learn from my peers and network. Learning better ways to do things without having to reinvent the wheel is always helpful.
Kristen Pennucci, MassDOT

The networking is phenomenal! The first thing I will do when I get back is setup state peer exchanges. I can finally put a face to a name!
Dom Ciaramitaro, NC DOT