Feedback October 2018


The Operations Academy is beneficial for understanding the various components of TSMO and the importance of each. The course provided excellent opportunities for attendees to share experiences and learn from one another. Highly recommended!
Susan Anderson, Arizona DOT

The chance to network with peers and learn from experts in the TSMO field is a great opportunity and will help TSMO to continue to grow.
Roger Appleton, New Hampshire DOT

The academy has provided me with a number of ideas that should result in some quick victories for our department. It is a rare opportunity to spend an extended period of time with a highly talented group of peers, share best practices and gain a sustainable network of support for working on future challenges.
Ken Bibbins, New York State DOT

The Operations Academy brings together a diverse and knowledgeable group of transportation experts to share thoughts and ideas on how to improve the nation’s surface transportation system. The format of the program allows participants to focus their attention on where their agencies are and how they can improve going forward. It’s an exceptional program for senior managers in both the government and private sectors of transportation.
Kevin Cox, Wyoming DOT

I came to the Academy knowing only the basics that come long with being a traffic and safety engineer and reading all the national publications that come across my desk. I leave the Academy with a solid understanding of TSMO and how even in a predominately rural state, there are applications for us. I look forward to returning home and building relationships with our internal and external partners to make traveling around Alaska a better experience for our residents and visitors.
Pam Golden, Alaska DOT&PF

I learned a great deal of information from the discussions and especially class participation. Networking and the friendships made were easily the most valuable part. Ops Academy was a great opportunity to also hear from subject matter experts and learn ways to implement TSMO strategies. I would highly recommend this program to others who work in Traffic Operations and are taking on a leadership role within their agency.
Derrick Herrmann, Pennsylvania DOT

As a law enforcement professional, this program bridged the gap between law enforcement responsibilities and operations responsibilities and how they are similar in TSMO. The course validated the need for collaboration as one of the primary tools to insure program success.
Woodrow Jones, Maryland Transportation Authority

Operations Academy took the sometimes complex subject of TSMO and broke it down into smaller more easily understood segments; I feel I can definitely speak and share the importance of TSMO much more effectively and work towards changes in my agency going forward.
Todd Leiss, Pennsylvania Turnpike

“My experience at the Operations Academy taught me about TSM&O basic and advanced concepts and how to present these principles in a compelling way to non-technical audiences.”
Adam Leslie, Washington State DOT

I would recommend this program to others, especially those who are newer to Traffic Operations as the interaction with representatives from other jurisdictions allows states to learn from one another so as to improve their own states’ programs.
Andrew Lewis, Iowa DOT

This program is an excellent opportunity for transportation professionals to get up to speed on the state of the practice in operations, and discuss the challenges they are facing, and possible solutions, with their peers.
Glenn McLaughlin, Maryland DOT SHA

The Operations Academy gave me the tools to help my agency develop a TSMO program. The course and the opportunity to meet many new colleagues is extremely worthwhile.
Steve Misgen, Minnesota DOT

Open yourself to not only learning; but, to making career long networks!
Jason Nelson, Connecticut DOT

The Operation Academy is not just for Operation Engineers; but it is beneficial for all levels of Transportation Professions. The Academy is not only providing the participants the leadership skills, and skill set to advance the TSM&O; but also provides skills set that can apply to any other professions; and recognizing that it takes everyone to advance the TSMO culture.
Khoa Nguyen, FHWA – FL Division

If you have not heard about the Operations Academy you are missing out!
Mark Renner, New Jersey DOT

Well structured course specifically aligned to improve overall understanding of the TSMO principles, and driven to foster champions to share the message moving forward.
Curtis Scott, FHWA – Central Federal Lands Highway Division

This program is beneficial on many levels. Starting with the course material preparing you for operational and agency challenges, to the relationships that are formed by shared experiences of classroom and workshops. This network will be a resource for the rest of my career.
Brett Sellers, Alabama DOT

The Operations Academy gave me the opportunity to learn many great things about TSM&O and to meet some awesome people from around the country that have the same interest and mission.
Keith Slater, Florida DOT

Even as 15 year veteran of the KC Scout Traffic Management Center, the Operations Academy opened my eyes to innovative, low cost operational improvements that can be implemented now to improve safety and mobility in my community. There is no reason to just keep operating as-is and assume that a future technology will eventually solve all of our traffic management issues.
Mark Sommerhauser, Missouri DOT

This program helped me understand the challenges we face as an agency and how to prepare for the future.
Alazar Tesfaye, Colorado DOT

The Operations Academy was not only a fully immersive program for further development of mobility and operations within our respective agencies, but an invaluable opportunity to network with fellow colleagues from across the country where ideas and obstacles can be shared and discussed.
Justin Yoh, Ohio DOT