Feedback October 2020


The training exceeded my expectations especially when it came to studying communication styles of leaders and decision makers. This training will immediately be put to good use in my own agency.
Kevin Haas, Oregon Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy was an amazing opportunity! As a result, I gained valuable insight on TSMO topics and developed many life-long peer relationships from around the country. I feel that the Operations Academy’s was well worth the time and effort and will greatly benefit me in my career and my Agency for years to come!
Jason Bodell, Michigan Department of Transportation

We all know what we do is important, learning how to portray that to upper management is just as if not more important in our daily activities. I will try to get them to understand what, how and why we do what we do.
Chad Franklin, North Carolina Department of Transportation

This course provided enough information to make me realize that as a whole DOT’s are in their teenage years of TSMO.
Shawn E. Smith, Colorado Department of Transportation

After competing this program you will walk away being able to apply numerous subjects into action at your agency.
Joe Hunt, Texas Department of Transportation

I learned a lot about communicating and different personalities.
David Wynn, Delaware Department of Transportation

I enjoyed hearing about the TSMO applications, issues and challenges being faced by DOT’s around the country. The virtual format allowed for that to happen without the cost and hassle of traveling and there was a somewhat surprising lack of technical issues as well.
Christina Strand, Washington State Department of Transportation

Coming from a traffic operations background I had a lot of the technical knowledge, the Ops Academy provided tools and resources I can use to grow and integrate a traffic operations culture throughout our agency.
Tim Simodynes, Iowa Department of Transportation

It’s like a Rosetta Stone course for TSMO, a new language learned in 2 weeks!
Daniel Driskell, Alabama Department of Transportation

This 2-week course far exceeded my expectations and I am very thankful for the opportunity to have participated in it. I would definitely recommend this program to others in our profession.
Gregory Khirallah, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy assisted me in realizing the power of sharing our TSMO story.
Javier Rodriguez, Florida Department of Transportation

This program was incredibly valuable in developing the skills necessary to move TSMO concepts forward in my agency.
Greg Dyer, Tennessee Department of Transportation

I would highly recommend this program to others. It sets a baseline knowledge for all disciplines in understanding the benefits and uses of TSMO and gives you tools to make real change for you, your organization and the traveling public.
Katrina Kloberdanz, Colorado Department of Transportation

I would definitely recommend this program! It encourages you to think differently. It makes you ask why things are done certain ways. I am a better person/ employees/ supervisor because of this program.
Kris Kiefer, Alabama Department of Transportation

Having completed the first virtual Operations Academy, I would absolutely recommend this program to others. The presentations, lessons learned, and meaningful conversations between attendees and presenters provided invaluable information that will help me in my career.
Mike Davidson, Pennsylvania  Turnpike

As a new manager, I did not know what to expect from the class. After completing this class I have a better understanding of potions of my job I already knew about and I have been given the chance to get a preview of other technologies and programs my department is just starting to dip our toes in.
Chris Marsh, Delaware Department of Transportation

Without a doubt, the Ops Academy has reshaped how I view my role in the transportation profession. Each and everyone of us now has the ability, and responsibility, to share this insight with others in the field.
Justin Neff, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

I highly recommend the Operations Academy to transportation professionals interested in advancing their knowledge in TSMO and managing for the future. It requires an investment in your time and energy, but it provides a unique opportunity that is unmatched.
Sarah Ott, Washington State Department of Transportation

I learned there are so many more ways to effectively communicate to your audience besides simply reading off of bulleted lists, slides filled with text, and showing complicated charts and graphs that many listeners will simply disregard. Tailoring your presentation to your audience’s preferred communication style, and making them the hero by the end of it will help you convey your “ask” in a way that satisfies not only their needs, but also those of your agency, and in turn, the users of your transportation network.
Scott Neidert, Delaware Department of Transportation

This program provided me valuable insight into the world of TSMO.
Alex Jansen, Iowa Department of Transportation

Being from a rural state, I NOW know what my state will be expecting in the future of transportation. The good and the bad. I now have a large group of friends that I can reach out to about TSMO questions/issues. This was an amazing class with great topics.
Seth Helms, Idaho Transportation Department

I would definitely recommend to others in the industry and like me. “I gained a new outlook for my career and future attending this academy”
Jared Kelly, Rhode Island Department of Transportation 

Thank you for opening my eyes to a transportation world outside of my office, my department, my agency, and my state. I truly appreciate everything you are doing and the opportunity to be a part of it all.
Amanda Alvarado, Colorado Department of Transportation

Great opportunity to hear from your peers and subject matter experts. You get to learn about yourself and target audiences and how to have a conversation.
Stephen Landry, Maine Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy was very valuable, both for the knowledge gained and contacts made.
Mike Warren, Montana Department of Transportation

I found the entire Operations Academy experience really beneficial. Taking time to learn about communication is not something we, as engineers, think of often and it shows in how many of us communicate! The information I learned I truly believe will help me be a better employee and a better manager throughout my career!
Emily Dwyer, Georgia Department of Transportation

After participating in this program, I highly recommend it to others in this field—the expert facilitators and speakers made it especially valuable to those looking to improve their knowledge of TSMO.
George, Virginia Department of Transportation

I learned that communication is the key to getting to the right solution of any problem and moving forward. I would absolutely recommend this academy.
Keith Donovan, Illinois Department of Transportation

Extremely beneficial program that taught me more in two weeks than I have learned in 11 years about TSMO. Would highly recommend this program to anyone who is brand new or highly seasoned. The combination of skills that the group brings to the table makes you appreciate the experience or inexperience of others. Great experience and learned a lot!
Bethany Waltersdorf, Iowa Department of Transportation

The Academy taught me how to present the analysis I do and to make it relevant to others.
Hans Haustein, Metroplan

It was evident from day one that working with dozens of peers over the span of two weeks was an excellent way to glean diverse perspectives and best practices. This collaborative experience elevated the learning opportunities to new levels and made the program valuable and memorable. The focus on operations with a high level of peer involvement is the ideal environment for senior managers to gain confidence, perspective and develop their own strategy to bring back to the workplace. I recommend this program to operations leadership looking to expand their national network while discovering new areas to expand their skillset. By the end of the two-week session, the group had formed a lasting professional network that would stand the test of time.
Janet Frenkil, Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration