Feedback October 2021


The Operations Academy provided me information that will help me do my current job better and prepare me for future jobs as my career develops. I will use the information that I’ve gained to be a better engineer and eventually a better leader. I recommend this program for anyone currently in an operations leadership role or for those who could hold those roles in the future.
Colby Fortier-Brown, Maine Department of Transportation

Operations Academy enlightened me to resources and solutions to existing challenges in the transportation at each Agency. It taught me how to apply ideas and best practices in the industry to be able to enhance the roadways under agency jurisdiction and regionally as well, while providing the best customer service to all stakeholders. I highly recommend this program to anyone that deals with operations in their jobs from planning to design to construction to operations and maintenance.
Ahsan Ali, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

The Operations Academy has provided me an opportunity to better understand corridor operations. Through understanding the audience to which I’m presenting, I’ll be better equipped to communicate needs and solutions to challenges.
Timothy McCall, Washington State Department of Transportation

I would highly recommend the Operations Academy to anyone looking to get the latest TSM&O state of practice and/or to improve in promoting TSM&O within their agency.
Josue Cruz-Martinez, CMA Architects and Engineers (PRHTA Consultant)

Attending the Operations Academy and learning about transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) strategies opened my eyes and mind to this field and explained the structure and basics. This will allow me to navigate the map of TSMO and to search for solutions from people and available on-line resources. The OA took me to a higher level and all TSMO leadership will benefit from attending and connecting with the OA graduate community.
Newman Abuissa, Iowa Department of Transportation

The Ops Academy provides tremendous value for anyone in transportation and operations fields by providing a vast amount of knowledge and perspectives, and helping forge connections with peers.
LaShonn Ford, Nevada Department of Transportation

The Ops Academy took me out of the trees so I can overlook the forest. I gained valuable information to see the big picture on how to sell TSMO practices to decision makers and how to incorporate those practices into projects to reduce costs and provide valuable information to the traveling public.
Gabriel Gutierrez, Wyoming Department of Transportation

The Ops Academy has been a useful tool in my career and I have developed new skills and techniques that can be used at my agency, within a short span of 2 weeks. I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity and will recommend my colleagues to attend as well.
Jeanette Otero, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

As a WYDOT employee coming from an IT background, the Operations Academy helped bring into focus the operations of our agency as a whole and helped me to better understand the systems that I am supporting.
Suzie Roseberry, Wyoming Department of Transportation

You are a result of the 5 people you continuously connect with. This experience connects you with some of the best innovative professionals that care and want to make a difference. I would say that is a pretty spectacular group of people to socialize with.
John Arias, Nevada Highway Patrol

The Operations Academy was a fantastic experience. It has enabled me to immediately take back positive recommendations to implement in my DOT. I can’t wait to continue to build the relationships with my peers that were established over the past few weeks.
Stephen De Witte, Kentucky Transportation Council

The Operations Academy allows you to see the unique challenges and solutions other states have. You also hear from some the most respected experts in a variety of areas. No matter what your role is with your agency, you will take something away from the program.
David Locher, Arizona Department of Transportation 

The Operation Academy was an invaluable experience! Highly recommend.
Jennifer Rhoades, South Carolina Department of Transportation 

I absolutely loved this program. I felt that me being super young and inexperienced in my field I wouldn’t be able to provide much compared to the others in this program, but I learned so much and the networking gave me a big boost in confidence. I consider myself lucky to be a part of the Operations Academy and will work to apply what I learned in the future to be the leader this training has prepared me to be in my field.
Luke Miller, West Virginia Department of Transportation 

I never learned about TSMO or Operations in college. This program connected so many dots between innovative ideas in our region with the why and how they can be done thru national experts working in the field.
Stephanie Zolnak, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, District 11

The Operations Academy is a one-of-kind learning opportunity for transportation professionals. From operational leadership, advancing transportation techniques, and TSMO planning, the Academy empowers the participants to make meaningful changes to their respective transportation systems.
Dale Keller, Regional Transportation Council of Washoe County

The Ops Academy is worth all the time and effort. The knowledge and the people that you receive and meet are so valuable. You will walk away a better professional.
Andre Fillastre, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

Being part of the Operation Academy Senior Management Program exposed me a wonderful mix of colleagues that shared an array of useful information. Being part of the program has given me a new found respect for the work we do in transportation and taught me skills that can be applied to all areas of life.
Jose Atencio, New Mexico Department of Transportation, ITS

I would definitely recommend this program. It touched on so much more than I would have ever imagined.
Jonathan Golon, New York State Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy provided rich content and information that I will use throughout my career. Every transportation professional should attend early in their career.
Norvel Cooksey, Virginia Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy gave me a much clearer understanding of how my job fits into the wider picture of TSMO, and what I can do to improve my impact and efficacy in helping to deliver a better experience for the traveling public of Pennsylvania. I would definitely recommend the program to others.
Scott Benedict, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy or should I say ‘Transportation Fire Hose Academy’ was an intense but an amazing experience. It provided participants from across the US with any level of experience in operations with valuable information to take back with them to their organization. I will definitely recommend this program to others within my own agency.
Jonathan Weishaupt, Delaware Department of Transportation

I would definitely recommend this program to others. “The Operations Academy was a once in a career opportunity I’m so pleased I was able to participate in. Between the individual topics and the invaluable class discussions and feedback, I’m ready to bring back new ideas and opportunities to my agency to build our TSMO Program to provide more reliability to commuters and safer roads for all.”
Amy Getchell, Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Highway Division

A comprehensive and eye-opening program which will provide a new dimension to the way one thinks, lives and develops solutions to persistent transportation related issues. I have gained a better understanding of various communication styles and strongly believe “Adapt on the fly” is the key. This course could lay the foundation for developing a Regional TSMO initiative for Baton Rouge metro area in the immediate future. I would highly recommend upcoming planners/engineers to enroll in the Ops. Academy Senior Management Program. It is worth it.
Sooraz Patro, Capital Region Planning Commission, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You will never find a program that has the best practitioners in the transportation industry as presenters.
Mark Brown, Maricopa County, Arizona Department of Transportation

Networking and hearing about what other agencies are doing opens up opportunities for continued learning and connections. There was so much good content, both on expected topics and topics I didn’t know I needed!
Natalia McMillan, Kentucky Transportation Council

I would definitely recommend Operations Academy to others in my agency and in my regions. My knowledge about “all things TSM&O” is MUCH more well rounded than it was two weeks ago and I leave energized to share what I’ve learned.
Lara Bouck, MetroPlan Orlando

The Operations Academy provides a very detailed dive into what operation entails and its importance to managing transportation assets.
Kevin Verre, Nevada Department of Transportation 

It is extremely valuable too network with other state agencies and to hear what innovative things they are doing that you may be able to use in your own state.
Bryan Young, Idaho Transportation Department

The Operations Academy was a great opportunity to network with other DOTs and learn about all the great things going on around the country.
Jimmy Shannon, Missouri Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy provided an opportunity to learn with and from operation experts across the nation. From agencies that are just developing their program to those who are well established, it is a great mix of professionals. The presentations and program materials are some of the best I have been exposed to and will be very beneficial to the development of this program and future programs within my agency and myself.
Jessica Dilley, Mississippi Department of Transportation

Attending Operations Academy is an invaluable experience for all Traffic Operations Management. The course provides relevant and tangible information, which can be applied immediately to improve operations. The opportunity to exchange best practices and hear lessons learned for other members of industry are priceless. I would highly recommend this program to others.
Theresa Gaisser, Regional Transportation Council of Southern Nevada

The Operations Academy not only helped me grow in my knowledge of TSMO logistics, but also how to sell the vision and get folks on your side for promoting these items. I would definitely recommend this program to others.
Jessi Leonard, North Carolina Department of Transportation

This was a true transportation immersion including both long-standing methods and cutting edge technology–highly recommend for all growing leaders in the field of planning and engineering.
Jamie Rana, Missouri Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy is preparing tomorrow’s transportation leaders.
Robert Rabe, Virginia Department of Transportation

“Like drinking from a TSMO firehose with industry peers.” The Operations Academy is an invaluable learning opportunity that covers a number of different topics that impact how agencies manage and operate their transportation systems. The Academy is an amazing opportunity to learn, share, discuss, ponder, and advance the TSMO industry with some of the best practitioners in the Country! What I gained from the program is access to leaders in TSMO field, an opportunity to network with these individuals and I was able to get great perspective in the state of TSMO practice across the country. I will use what I learned almost daily at my job. I highly recommend this Academy to anyone looking to progress TSMO and further their career in TSMO.
David Hirsch, Oregon Department of Transportation 

Challenging, yet rewarding Academy when you consider where you want to be in your career.
Greydon Wright, Idaho Transportation Department

The Operations Academy is well worth any ones time who is seeking to enhance their knowledge in the realm of TSMO. A great way to collaborate with partners countrywide.
Susan Klasen, New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned veteran, there is something for you in this program. I would highly recommend this program for all senior level staff in a TSMO position.
Ronald K. Westervelt, Jr, Maryland Transportation Authority

Get ready to learn everything transportation! I learned that we are all at different stages of implementing TSMO across the country, but we all come together in the limited funding available to support TSMO.
Pamela Vasudeva, Washington State Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy is a great opportunity to learn more about Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) and make connections with others in the same field around the country.
Benjamin Hucker, Iowa Department of Transportation

The Operations Academy helped me to understand better practice in TSMO as well as how to communicate the program needs. The information gained from other participant’s experiences and challenges will also help to push our own program forward.
Daniel Wilson, Mississippi Department of Transportation

Challenges and technology sharing from management level staff was engaging and inciteful to take back to my agency for future developments.
Blaine Van Dyke, Oregon Department of Transportation