Graduate Quotes

Following are Operations Academy quotes from graduates of October 2010 Senior Management Program:

“There were some incredibly talented, professional people in my session of the Operations
Academy. This is an extremely valuable opportunity to network and learn.”

Monique Czech, SW Region TMC Supervisor, Washington State DOT


“A great way to emphasize operations and management to state agencies at all levels.”

Ray Hallavant, TMC Operations Manager, Tennessee DOT


“The Operations Academy presents a once-in-a-career training experience that will prepare
transportation officials with the knowledge to become an effective team member in their
agency. I will strongly recommend this program to others in my agency and other transportation
professionals.” – Frank Horne, Director of Incident Management, Tennessee DOT


“The Operations Academy is a great program. I have learned more in two weeks than I have
learned in the last several years. In addition, I have had the opportunity to meet and interact
with a diverse group of professionals and share our experiences and knowledge. The Operations
Academy allowed me to forge great new professional relationships and bring back a big picture
approach for improvement of our nation’s transportation. I highly recommend this program,
not only to system management and operations professionals, but to anyone involved on
transportation and interested in making a positive impact in this field.”
– Nikola Ivanov, Senior Technical Advisor, CATT Laboratory, University of Maryland


“The Operations Academy provides participants with a wholistic approach to Agency
Operations. It allows participants to view transportation systems management and operations
from many viewpoints and examine the many “dimensions” of an organization. Upon returning
to our agencies, we will be able to accentuate the positive and provide useful suggestions to
management for consideration.”
– Christopher Jones, Director of Intelligent Transportation Systems, New York State Thruway Authority


“Diverse speakers, peer discussions, field trips and workshops made for an excellent
combination of learning tools that provided for a well rounded, real-life experience and
education.” – James Knowlton, Traffic Management Center, New Hampshire DOT


“Valuable learning experience. A great networking opportunity. Very positive experience.”
– John Lohmeyer, Administrator, Maryland Transportation Authority


“The benefits gained from the program far outweigh the two-week time commitment.”
– Michael Pack, Acting Section Manager – ITS Operations, Pennsylvania DOT


“This is the only Academy in the country that provides an opportunity for senior managers
to develop through understanding of transportation management and operations. It is highly
recommended for institution and agency managers seeking to mainstream traffic management
within their organizations.” – Faisal Saleem, ITS Branch Manager, Maricopa County DOT (AZ)


“The Operations Academy or shall I say ‘boot camp’ was an intense experience. It gave those
with extensive or minimal experience in operations something of value to take back to their
organization. I will definitely recommend this program to others.”
– Emilo Sosa, Director of INFORM, New York State DOT