Feedback March 2007


“I learned many valuable tools during my two weeks at the Operations Academy™. I hope to convey many of the operational strategies to my immediate staff, as well as the state-wise policy makers in Harrisburg.” Frank Cippel, Assistant Traffic Engineer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

“The Operations Academy™ brought the philosophy of conceptual operations into clear focus. It will build future leaders that will move into decision making positions.” Tom Blaine, ITS Engineer, New Mexico Department of Transportation, ITS Bureau

“This program helped me to understand the many issues State DOT’s face in making the shift to operations.” Steve Clinger, Federal Highway Administration

“This program provided me a view from the outside of my organizational box. It was a guide to see how to manage new and existing systems and to bring a different and fresh perspective to traffic and congestion concerns that are growing exponentially. It brought me from the small system operation to the ‘big time’. Personally and professionally, it allowed the opportunity to discuss with other professionals day to day operations and their successes and failures. It was great to then have those approached by instruction that is formalized but open. It was a very good program. I appreciate the opportunity to participate.” Patty Eason, Division Operations Engineer, North Carolina Department of Transportation

“This program allowed me time to interact with other agencies that are already performing the functions of what New Hampshire’s TMC will be doing in the next 10 years. I was very impressed with the university staff and speakers they asked to participate.” Jon Hanson, Assistant Administrator, New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Bureau of Turnpikes

“The Operations Academy™ provides an excellent understanding of why it is important that we begin to shift our agency’s focus from design and construction, into operations and maintenance.” Woody Hood, Chief, Traffic Engineering Design Division, Maryland State Highway Administration

“This program provided me with a broad survey of techniques and approaches other agencies have used to intensively manage capacity and reduce delay on their roadway facilities. The program gave me a brand-new ‘tool-box’ for providing the Authority’s customers with better service.” Daniel Jacobs, Senior Strategic Planner, MTA Bridges & Tunnels

“Increased efficiency of our transportation system is critical to our future as a society. The Operations Academy™ enhanced my ability and knowledge to make a contribution at Mass Highway in this regard.” Paul Jodoin, ITS Programs, Operations Manager, Massachusetts Highway Department

“The Operations Academy™ provided a strong, relevant program which addresses many of the problems and issues I face on an on-going basis.” Bill Legg, State ITS Operations Engineer, Washington State Department of Transportation

“The Operations Academy™ Senior Management Program is extremely valuable. It not only provided classroom training related to systems operations, workshops and field trips, but it also provided the opportunity for people in the same field to exchange ideas about how we would improve traffic operations.” Ling Li, Northern Region Traffic Operations Manager, Virginia Department of Transportation

“This was an incredibly comprehensive program. I will be able to apply concepts learned right away. Not only from the country’s experts in operations but from our peer states’ experiences as well. Specifically, performance measuring and strengthening our concept of operations will have immediate benefits for my agency. I will recommend the course strongly to others in my state!” Robert Limoges, Civil Engineer 3, New York State Department of Transportation, Operations Division

“The combination of lecture and study materials coupled with a cross section of operations professionals from around the country, would be a benefit to anyone interested in the future of operations and transportation.” Wesley Mitchell, Deputy District Engineer, Maryland State Highway Administration

“This program enlightened my vision of operations and maintenance which I will use to affect a positive change to my department and customers.” Scott Nazar, Assistant District Traffic Engineer, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

“This is an excellent opportunity for mid-level state and local managers to sharpen their skills in the transportation operations arena. An emphasis on operations along freeways and arterials is clearly what the future holds for highway agencies.” Lee Starkloff, Deputy Director, Traffic and Safety, Maryland State Highway Administration

“The format of the program (both pre-study and classroom) proved to be an excellent platform for increasing the scope of my knowledge in the field of operations.” Gregory Stone, Director of Highway Safety, Maine Turnpike Authority

“The mix of people and experience levels combined with the course material and instructors created a synergy that enhanced the learning experience.” Jeff Weatherford, Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering

“The Operations Academy™ was an excellent opportunity to interact with experts from around the country. This program provided a number of fundamentals tools that operating organizations of the future will need. I recommend this coursed for planners, engineers, and managers that are involved in transportation operations.” Tim Wolfe, Assistant State Engineer, Arizona Department of Transportation

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