We solicit feedback from all our graduates to see what they thought of the program. The responses have been phenomenal! Below is a sample of some of the feedback received.

“The Operations Academy™ brought the philosophy of conceptual operations into clear focus. It will build future leaders that will move into decision making positions.” – Tom Blaine, New Mexico DOT

“The Operations Academy™ provided me with the opportunity to learn from expert instructors and field practitioners about how operations concepts should be applied. This includes both at the management level and the technical level and gives me the tools and knowledge necessary to help improve the effectiveness of the transportation system.” – John Cater, Assistant Division Administrator, FHWA New Hampshire

“The Operations Academy™ is a comprehensive program totally focused on the importance of managing and operating your systems. The information provided will greatly assist me in making better use of our infrastructure and in reshaping and shifting our efforts and focus on those users where we can really make a difference or create an impact. I would highly recommend this program to others in my organization.” – Elizabeth Birriel, Deputy State Traffic Ops Engineer-Florida ITS Program Manager, Florida DOT

“The Operations Academy™ provided a strong, relevant program which addressed many of the problems and issues I face on an on-going basis.” – Bill Legg, Washington State DOT

“The Operations Academy™ was just what I needed to help me keep up with the latest in the fast changing transportation operations world. I would highly recommend it to anybody seriously interested in making a change in their department about the way they do business. After this course, it is no longer business as usual.” – James Mwape, Business Manager, Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

With so much positive feedback about the program, we have categorized the comments by session. Please select one of the sessions below to review the comments about the program from the participants.

October 2018 Session

October 2017 Session                October 2016 Session

November 2015 Session                    March 2009 Session

       November 2014 Session                    November 2008 Session

      November 2013 Session                    November 2007 Session

 October 2009 Session                     March 2007 Session