Feedback March 2009


“The program not only educated me about the importance of these measures but taught me how to apply them. The materials covered can be applied to my day-to-day activities. The speakers encouraged me to champion the efforts and provide examples and workshops on how to apply what I learned.” Natalie Bettger, Senior Program Manager, Congestion Management and System Operation, North Central Texas COG

“The forward-focused thinking of this course will greatly assist me in my role as State Traffic Engineer and head of Traffic Safety & Mobility. This is the only program that I am aware of that addresses the shift in transportation thinking from capacity improvements to an operationally based industry. Simple, implementable, practical, what’s not to like!” Dave Clements, Director, Office of Traffic Safety & Mobility, New York State DOT

“I have been a Civil Engineer for over 24 years and have always recognized the importance of integrating the concepts of operation. However, the Operations Academy™ has refocused and centered my future efforts to more operations into the mainstream of our engineering culture.” Michael Davies, Program Delivery Engineer, FHWA Colorado Division

“The Operations Academy™ gave me the tools I’ve been looking for to be able to communicate to my management regarding what Colorado DOT needs to consider to move our program into the 21st century.” Ken DePinto, ITS Branch Director, Colorado DOT

“The Operations Academy™ taught me that an across-the-department view is required to accomplish a true operations driven outcome. I also learned how the DOT needs to work on performance measures to improve planning for operations.” Terry Gladden, Transportation Manager, Tennessee DOT

“This program provides the participants with a solid foundation of both operations and management. The speakers are incredibly knowledgeable about their programs and can easily converse with the students.” Joseph Gregory, Transportation Specialist, FHWA Office of Operations

“The Operations Academy™ provides functional and working learning opportunities that can and should be applied to everyday operations across the country. If we could immediately implement the discussion topics the USA would jump light years ahead in the mobility and safety arena. I would recommend the academy to all operations personnel including the nay-sayers as it will win them over.” Jason Gutting, Systems Operation and Management Engineer, Division of Operations, Michigan DOT

“Very nice program which helps students to become successful leaders of future transportation operations.” Lokesh Hebbani, ITS, Safety & Traffic Management Engineer, FHWA Georgia Division

“The Operations Academy™ provided a place to learn more about operations with my partners.” Breck Jeffers, Transportation Management & Safety Engineer, FHWA DelMar Division-Maryland Office

“This workshop validated that state and local agencies honestly believe that traffic/transportation operations is the next great thing in customer service.” Elimiano Lopez, Transportation Specialist, FHWA Office of Operations

“This course served as a good reminder as to who exactly our customers are. It was also realistic about what is ahead of us. It recognizes that what we learned involves a lot of work and represents a significant challenge. This course provided a fresh perspective, encouraging me to be forward-focused in both my thinking and actions.” Greg MacKinnon, Transportation Operations Program Manager, Denver Regional COG

“The Operations Academy™ was intense! I left with a wealth of information and tools to use when I get back to NC. Our time was well spent. I also left with 25 more friends that I can use as resources as I apply what I learned to mainstream operations into the culture of NCDOT. We had a lot of fun while working very hard to apply the concepts we were learning.” Meredith McDiarmid, State Systems Operations Engineer, North Carolina DOT

“The academy re-invigorated commitment to keep pushing. Content provided data that will help support justifications. Contact with peers will be invaluable for future programs.” Ed Roberts, Director, Systems Optimization Bureau, Office of Traffic Safety & Mobility, New York State DOT

“This program is great for developing a perspective, regardless of the status of your DOT program. Although I thought our state was very progressive, this program promoted the forward-focused approach to recognize that gaps in operations can be addressed in a positive way. The interactive approach that the academy takes to education lets participants capitalize on developing relationships to optimize operations.” Steven Rochon, Senior Engineer, Office of Traffic and Safety, Maryland State Highway Administration

“The Operations Academy™ helped me to realize some of the transportation issues beyond just cars and trucks on highways. It also allowed me to learn from some of the leading experts in the many transportation fields.” Mike Schauert, Senior Transportation Management Engineer, FHWA New York Division

“I gained some valuable information to help move the Department of Transportation towards an operations focused organization. I will implement through sharing this information with upper and middle management. I would recommend this program to others.” Nicolaas Swart, Traffic Management Division Manager, AZTech Program Manager, Maricopa County DOT

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