Feedback November 2007


“The networking is invaluable.  I strongly recommend this program.”  Barbara Abel, Supervisor, Policy and Business Planning Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals Department,  The Port Authority of NY & NJ

“This was one of the best classes I’ve attended in years.  It was well worth the time spent away from the office!”  John Bassett, Civil Engineer – Program Manager, New York State DOT

“If you need or desire to look at the five year future of transportation, this course is a must!  Highly recommended!”  Bill Behrens, Deputy Director Maintenance & Operations, New York State Thruway Authority

“The Operations Academy™ is a comprehensive program totally focused on the importance of managing and operating your systems.   The information provided will greatly assist me in making better use of our infrastructure and in reshaping and shifting our efforts and focus on those users where we can really make a difference or create an impact.  I would highly recommend this program to others in my organization.”  Elizabeth Birriel, Deputy State Traffic Ops Engineer-Florida ITS Program Manager, Florida DOT 

“The two week Operations Academy™ is a full-throttle saturation into developing the leadership focus on operating transportation systems that is not taught in traditional schools and takes years to gain in the normal DOT environment.” Tom Blair, Assistant District Engineer, Missouri DOT

“The Operations Academy™ provided me with the opportunity to learn from expert instructors and field practitioners about how operations concepts should be applied.  This includes both at the management level and the technical level and gives me the tools and knowledge necessary to help improve the effectiveness of the transportation system.”  John Cater, Assistant Division Administrator, FHWA New Hampshire Division

“Partnerships and relationships are extremely important in my organization, but there are some layers of ‘insulation’ which separates our activities from our ultimate customers – the public.  This program provided me the lessons and materials to improve our effectiveness and relationships in this area.”  Frank Corrado, P.E., PTOE, Traffic Operations Engineer, FHWA

“I feel the Operations Academy™ program has been successful in helping me acquire new knowledge of leading industry principles and best practices to organize a transportation agency towards being more customer-focused and performance-oriented.  I will highly recommend it to others who have similar responsibilities in managing a system in the 21st century to take advantage of such an opportunity.”  John Easterling, District Traffic Operations Engineer, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

“Operations Academy™: the future has arrived.  Taking proactive steps to improve systems and creating change champions.  Thank you University of Maryland.” Sergeant Janet Harrison, Maryland SHA Liaison Officer, Maryland State Police

“Excellent and relevant techniques and tools were presented to get us focused on moving forward with systems operations in mind.  I will use what I learned immediately.  Not only will I recommend others participate in the program, but I believe there needs to be an Operations Academy™ such as this on the west coast for greater nationwide dissemination of the material…very comprehensive.”  Tony Leingang, Freeway Operations Engineer, Washington State DOT – Olympic Region

“The Operations Academy™ is an excellent program for not only traffic operation personnel, but also for planners, designers, maintenance and other facets of the highway department.”  Dennis Motiani, Director, Division of Traffic Operations, New Jersey DOT

“The Operations Academy™ was just what I needed to help me keep up with the latest in the fast changing transportation operations world.  I would highly recommend it to anybody seriously interested in making a change in their department about the way they do business.  After this course, it is no longer business as usual.”  James Mwape, Business Manager, Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

“I will use all of the lessons taught in the class to improve my leadership skills with the department and increase system performance throughout my region.  I would definitely recommend this program to all personnel within my organization.  I think the course provided me the necessary skills needed to leverage upper management on the importance of continuing and consistently improving operations.”  Jason Previte, TMC Manager, Pennsylvania DOT

“The Operations Academy™ facilitates communication between traffic engineers (DOT employees) and the traffic law enforcement executive.”  Lieutenant Doug Monroe, North Carolina State Police

“The Operations Academy™ is an excellent opportunity for MPO staff involved in management and operations to become knowledgeable about the many aspects of operations, well beyond the technical aspects.  The bootcamp approach worked well to get fully immersed in the many faucets of management and operations.” Eileen Singleton, Senior Transportation Engineer, Baltimore Metropolitan Council

“The Operations Academy™ identifies the current and future transportation system operations issues that we all must face and deal with.  The academy validates operations concerns and barriers, but also offers strategies and potential answers to those barriers.  The variety of topics, issues and speakers meld well to provide a wide snapshot of where our industry is heading.  I would definitely recommend this program to others.”  Mike Washburn, Assistant Division Administrator-Field Operations, Virginia DOT

“The Operations Academy™ has opened a whole new world of experiences, challenges, and relationships.  I am returning home with recharged energy and focus.  This course is a highly recommended destination for all senior level transportation managers.”  Jim Wilson, VP, Operations Management Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority (c/o TransCore)

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